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Adventures and Challenges

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The S. S. Lyemen

At Ingester Marketing Services, we like challenges and we are one of the leading providers of telemarketing Bath, Bristol and beyond. We love to pick up the phone and speak to people we don’t know.

Our services include:

  • Telemarketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Appointment Setting
  • Direct Mail Follow Up
  • Customer Surveys
  • Event Booking and Follow Up
  • Database Cleaning

Each call is like its own adventure. You have no idea what the person on the other end is like. Speaking to new people, building rapport and finally meeting them is the key to starting a good business relationship.

Vivien Simpson - Telemarketing Bath“I have always liked adventures and challenges. One of my most exciting was as a young wife, travelling on board S.S. Lyemen, a merchant navy ship with my husband who was the chief officer on board.

We had good and bad experiences at sea. The most frightening for me was when we were rounding the Cape of Good Hope in a storm. I had been cooped up in the cabin for days. I was not actually seasick but I did feel quite off-colour and I was told the best thing to combat sea sickness is to get out in the fresh air. The ship had been tossed around day after day and I just had to get outside the cabin. I had been warned that when walking up the deck from the accommodation block I should hold on to something at all times.

The best experience was arriving at dawn at Port Louis in Mauritius. The sun rose behind Le Pouce, the mountain behind the town as we came in to port. After being at sea for 35 days the sight and smells from land were wonderful. You could smell the vegetation and spices in the air miles out at sea.

We eagerly explored the colourful local markets; the sight of all the fresh fruit and vegetables were a real treat and we gorged ourselves on fresh fruit and vegetables. The street signs were in French, the local language which I had not expected but it did not impede our finding our way around. So we took a taxi up into the hills and had a wonderful meal in a restaurant serving amazing French food, such a treat after ship’s cuisine! Experiencing new cultures and meeting people from other countries is always a good learning experience whether it is for pleasure or for business.

You never know what adventures await around the corner!” – Vivien Simpson, Founder of Ingester Marketing. Telemarketing Bath Bristol and Beyond.